Security Guard Committee

Since 1992, the Security Guard Committee (SGC) of ALDONYS has served members by promoting the vital contributions of security services’ companies and acting as the legislative advocacy arm of the association. In May 2008 ALDONYS created a governing board with a charter to:

  • Defeat or favorably amend state and local legislation that works within the confines of Article 7
  • Work toward amending the New York State sales tax on security guard services
  • Establish a more proactive role on the Security Guard Advisory Council

During the past year, the committee successfully prevented passage of legislation to amend the NYS Security Guard Act of 1992, which would have had negative consequences for security guards and the industry as a whole. This victory resulted in large part from the many guard companies that supported the committee’s efforts.

In 2009, the ALDONYS SGC launched a bold, new plan that included:

  • Promoting the industry’s role in providing safety and security throughout the State of New York.
  • Reaching out to legislators and regulators in Albany and City Hall to publicize the importance of the security guard industry.
  • Introducing favorable legislation to protect the business interests of security guard owner/operators.
  • Opposing adverse legislation, regulations, taxes or fees, as necessary.

Committee Benefits

As the recognized advocacy leader for the New York security industry, the ALDONYS lobbying team works with state legislators to champion reasonable regulations and to advocate reforms that improve the business climate for our members.

SGC membership offers many important benefits to security guard owners and operators:

  • Up-to-the-minute status updates on all proposed legislation and/or changes in licensing or regulations.
  • State and local advocacy on behalf of security guard owners and operators.
  • Access to other industry-related information from other security trade associations.
  • Public relations support to promote the critical role of the private security industry in New York State.
  • Opportunities to meet with other leading industry owners to discuss important issues affecting our industry.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are based on the number of security guards employed and registered in New York State under the Security Guard Act of 1992.

Please join us, and voice your concerns as part of this long-overdue initiative to protect our business interests and livelihoods. Your active membership in the ALDONYS SGC will give our industry an effective voice in Albany… and wherever we need to be heard.

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Committee Leadership

Lenny Zapka - Chairman

Executive Committee Members