ALDONYS – COVID-19 Message

Dear All ALDONYS members;

I hope this email finds you and your family well.

We are now facing unpresented times and a new normal. The ALDONYS organization stands with our members and understands that this is impacting our businesses, our employees and our clients.

ALDONYS has been working with Governor Cuomo’s office to get exceptions that will assist our security and private investigative businesses and deeming our profession in New York State an “Essential Service” to allow us to continue to operate. I have attached a letter from Fred Altman (ALDONYS attorney) to the State. 

The Governor’s Executive Order Friday included “security” as an exemption. We reasonably believe that term to include all our security and investigative professionals. We are looking to get a further clarification tomorrow (Monday) from Governor Cuomo’s counsel office. It is important that our members be able to furnish our services to properly secure locations, stores and commercial establishments and afford personal protection if necessary. It is also crucial for our investigative firms be available to our clients in these uncertain times. 

We are also working to insure that any private investigative or security license that expires during this Executive Order would remain in force until a reasonable time after the Executive Order is lifted and the NYS Department of State returns to normal business operation. This would apply to the required re-training of a security guard to renew their license. 

As always, ALDONYS will keep you updated on any new developments. Please stay safe and well.

Thomas Ruskin