Active Membership
Active Membership is limited to individuals, partnerships and corporations that are licensed private investigators and/or watch, guard or patrol agency licensees issued by New York State. Membership Renewal
Affiliate Membership
Affiliate Membership is limited to individuals who are full-time employees of active members and/or an employee of a duly licensed proprietary company.
Associate Membership
Associate Membership is limited to licensed private investigators and/or watch, guard and patrol individuals, partnerships and corporations of any other state outside of New York.
The many benefits of ALDONYS membership include:
  • Free listing in the ALDONYS directory
  • Free listing on the ALDONYS web site, with additional advertising available
  • Exclusive updates on proposed legislation and regulation changes regarding licensing, registration and training
  • Free subscription to Spotlight, the ALDONYS member newsletter
  • Annual membership certificate suitable for framing
  • Access to placement listings of jobs and employment opportunities
  • Frequent membership meetings held throughout New York State
  • Ability to network with other industry professionals
  • Discounts for a subscription to PI Magazine (contact us for the Promo Code)
    • 1 Year New Subscription - $34 (savings of $5)
    • 1 Year Renewal Subscription - $29 (savings of $5)
  • Access to the Yahoo Listserv, which offers an effective method for members to network, share information, and obtain answers to questions from other members throughout New York State as well as in other states.
    Use of the Yahoo Listserv is Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions:
    • When you click reply, your post will NOT be sent to the list, but will go privately to the individual. If you want to reply to the entire list, you must enter the list e-mail address as a recipient. Note that nothing on this list should be considered secure, since all posts can be read in the Messages section and may also be revealed to anyone performing an internet search (Google, etc.).
    • Furthermore, all posts must be in connection with the aims and purposes of ALDONYS. If any member posts any "flames",jokes, Spam, attachments, forwards or profanity, the member may be subject to suspension and/or removal from the list.
    • Rates or fees for services should be discussed privately and not openly on the list.
    • Posts by members, including Officers and members of the ALDONYS Board of Directors, represent the opinion(s) and / or statement(s) of the individual making the post, and do not represent any official position, statement, endorsement or opinion of ALDONYS, its Officers or Board of Directors unless expressly stated otherwise.

In addition, ALDONYS retains counsel in Albany to represent our industry’s best interests, as well as to monitor and oppose detrimental state legislation.